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The Star Theater at 101 Union Street is where everything connected with this website happens. We produce our monthly newspaper here, we run our direct mail business here, and we host weekly music jams every Thursday.

101 Union Street is between Van Brunt and Columbia Street in the Columbia Waterfront District part of Red Hook. We are closest to the B61 bus and the Carroll Street station of the F and G trains. Of course you have to walk over the BQE because the subway is on the other side.

Our philosophy when it comes to music is that music is the end product of everything else. We are delighted that many hard working and talented musicians choose to share their talents with us on Thursdays. That's Ozzie on the right, who epitomizes what we do here. He is a happy man behind those drums!

We invite all interested musicians and listeners to join us each and every Thursday night from 7 to 11 and join in what has pretty much become a blues/funk/rock jam, although we do occasionally get jazzy. There is no financial charge to have fun here.

rennis Here you get an idea of what our stage looks like. We have a house PA system, drums, bass amp and lots of guitar amps that have made their way to our stage. Also an electric piano. Matt, who some of you may know from his work at the newspaper is on bass. Rennis is playing some sort of percussion instrument that is eerily gorgeous and yet I can't remember the name of it. Glen, who's band The Party Band is playing the Star Theater on April 30th, is hidden behind the drums. Another great drummer, Vince Musacchia, is singing, and Lou Maresca, who plays with Vince in The Other Side, and has also performed live at the Star Theater, is on guitar, where you might find him for 5 solid hours one night, unless he's playing bass.

There are no signup sheets at our jams. It's more like a social club and the free flowing nature of it not only leads to great music, but friendships and even bands as well. If you want to play you will for sure get your chance - just come up to the stage and let the musicians know you're ready.

We provide free refreshments and you're welcome to bring your own - our white refrigerator is ample and stocked (at least at the beginning of the night!).

101 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231