Red Hook Star-Revue Cartoon Gallery
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photoHarold Shapiro has been a professional cartoonist since the 1930's.  He is currently retired living in Florida and we are delighted to reprint some of his classic cartoons. His connection to Red Hook is that he had a brother who escaped gambling debts by moving to Bath Beach, and Harold had to drive past Red Hook on his way there from the Bronx. By the way, the third one down was drawn in 2010. Vince Musacchia has beenVin cartooning since at least the second golden age of Marvel. His credentials include Warner Brothers, Disney, the Brooklyn Phoenix, and the Honeymooners. We are honored to be presenting his new work, "Six Packed Panels" on a monthly basis. He is a past and current resident of Carroll Gardens.
hal spring
sleep water
new DEC
santa Jan
January Screw