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June- Inaugural issue

July- Ikea spillover effect? The best thing about a neighborhood.

August - Ice Cream Trucks on Sackett Street, BWAC Art Show, 2nd Biggest NYC Disaster had Red Hook Roots

September - First editorial, Red Hook crack capital 1989?, Waterfront Map

October - Community Justice Center, Monorail for Richards Street?, Shopping Red Hook, Joe Zito's Boat

November - Threat to Red Hook Houses?, Burlesque on Columbia Street, Stumptown opens on Van Brunt, Smokey's at Sunnys

December - BQE Study, Holiday Gift Guide, PS 15 Showcase, Conversation with B51 bartender, Dean Haspiel's "Cuba, My Revolution"


Click on the issue you would like to look at and a pdf file of the issue will open up. In October we began twice a month publication.

January- What goes on at the Van Brunt VFW Post, Resolving New Years Resolutions, Trolley Study, Good Fork Review, Danette's book is published and we talk to her.

February- Craig Hammerman interview, "Made in Red Hook" special section, Remembering "Skinny", Alex Battles

March- REK hosts AIDS awareness art exhibit, Seanchai and the Unity Squad at Rocky Sullivans, "Red Hook Green" special section

April- Red Hook Senior Center, Real Estate Report, Look at Summer, Cora Dance fundraiser






2012 (cont)

May 1 - 15: Occupy Red Hook causes Justice Center meeting to be cancleed; Gumshoe Reporters; Red Hook Little League opens; Nydia Velazquez faces challengers


May- Visitation Church, Street Car Study results, Spring Fashion section, board games at local pubs, dining at Ikea

June- Helicopter over Red Hook, Hidden Patios, Larsen's Bakery, Story of Fort Defiance, Hilary Hawke at Southpaw

July- Portside, Making the best picnic basket, Lobster Pound and Kevin's

August- Smith & Ninth Street renovation, traveling to Brooklyn's Chinatown, Proteus Gowanus

September - Remembering our fireman lost in 9/11; will Red Hook become Williamsburg?; 1880 Hotel on Van Brunt remembered

Starting Twice Monthly Publication

October 1 - 15, 2011: Frontpage article on the beginning of the end of American Stevedoring; Red Hook Civic Association; Review of the Vinegar Hill House; Our Village Cobblestones

October 16 - 31: American Stevedoring gone for good, Phoenix Beverage takes over; Judge Calabrese still handing our justice at the Red Hook Justice Center; Halloween celebrations; the shame of the Cruise Terminal (editorial).

November 1 - 15: Interview with ILA Local 1814 president Lou Pernice; Revere Sugar factory land remains fallow; A Day in Red Hook by Mary Anne Pietanza; Taste of Red Hook review.

November 16 - 30: Worries about Thor Equities; DOT presents transportation proposals; Red Hooks and White Rocks, by Mary Anne Massaro; Bar Bruno reviewed;

December 1 - 15: Reg Flowers talks about Occupy Red Hook; Erik Penney reviews Casa Di Compagna; Mexicana at Steve's Key Lime Pie.

December 16 - 31: My Dad the Longshoreman, by Mary Ann Pietanza; Elvis on Union Street; December Rose; Holiday Shopping; Merry Christmas by Vince Musacchia.































January 1 - 15: Famous icon Martin Snaric crafts flowers from silk; Columbia Street building collapse; Reporter Matt Graber talks about his other job; Carey Monserrate obituary; Rucola reviewed; Reg Flowers' column debuts; Star Theater Jam at Rocky Sullivans.

January 16 - 31: US Customs stays at containerport for at least 90 more days; Intuit Art Gallery show; Labor trouble at Phoenix Beverage?; Occupy Red Hook examined; Saul Bolton's Vanderbilt reviewed; Summit Academy charter school; Mary Ann Pietanza recalls growing up on Luquer Street.

February 1 - 15: The Doyenne of the Dock, Pilar Montero obituary; Scavenger Hunt for Valentine's lovers; Pave Academy; Gowanus Canal cleanup; Buschenshank reviewed; Groundhog's Day; A Bonehead Decision (editorial).

February 16 - 28: Jackie Jackson guides us on a tour of the Red Hook Houses; incident at Fine Fair; inauguration of the Star-Revue crossword; Kimberly and George hang out at Bat and Tackle

March 1 - 15: Red Hook Initiative helps get local youth on the right track'; Bar Tabac reviewed, Kimberly and George leave town; BumbleBees R Us daycare opens up on Lorraine Street

March 16 - 31: Fireworks erupt at police meeting; new BWAC show; Star-Revue principal gets choked; Red Hook Crit special insert

April 1 - 15: Our April's Fools issue featuring the debut of the Blue Pencil Lunar-Revue, plus: Justice Center's experimental ADP program; Red Hook Ballfields closed for lead; Red Hook Crit coverage; Community helps Home/made

April 16-30: Customs decision reversed at Red Hook Terminal; Justice Center expands to handle new cases; Good Friday processions at the local churches; Interview with Daniel Squadron; Blue Pencil returns!